Database to Database Push Pull for IGT Advantage


Push Pull is a value-added service that simplifies the creation of necessary entities that makes up a campaign in a gaming system and link them together. This document describes, at a high level, the implementation, capabilities, and limitations of DB2DB Push Pull for IGT Advantage.

Purpose of Push Pull Service

Push Pull simplifies the creation of necessary entities that makes up a campaign in a gaming system and links them together.

Example: For IGT Advantage that means the creation of Coupons, Xtra Credit transactions (aka Free Play). VizExplorer also implements Promo mapping and Player Groups. Coupons usually include Match play, Hotel, and Dining.

Push Pull is designed to automate marketing campaign implementation in the gaming system end to end: the result of Push Pull run is that a marketing campaign defined in CampaignViz and approved for implementation is created so all the players receive all the offers allocated to them in CampaignViz.


Verification of suitability and natural limitations

DB2DB Push Pull for IGT Advantage mimics the functionality of IGT Advantage while implementing a marketing campaign, which means that most capabilities of the gaming system are supported, and natural limitations of CMS apply.

Example: Maximum offer name length is limited in IGT, the same limitation applies to marketing campaigns implemented through Push Pull. Offers and group names must be globally unique in IGT, the same applies to Push Pull.

VizExplorer Professional Services validate that the sample marketing campaign structure and customer use case can be met by the standard capabilities. The result of this could be:

  • Configuring Push Pull in a required way
  • Adjustment in Push Pull functionality through SoW
  • Adjustment of marketing campaign structure
  • Adjustment of the marketing campaign process


Offer mapping and offer templates

Offers in CampaignViz are implemented in IGT Advantage as is (one unique offer in CampaignViz = one unique offer in IGT Advantage).

Offers in IGT Advantage (for example, Coupons have 37) have more parameters than CampaignViz allows to specify (Offer Type, Start and End Date, Value, Name, Description).

Example: IGT Coupons have multiplier settings and a maximum number of redemptions.

The parameters hardly ever change – a typical customer keeps reusing the same set of parameters, and the exact parameters are defined by a fine-tuned offer type (Monthly Mailer Food coupon, Birthday Hotel coupon, etc). VizExplorer Push Pull uses parameter templates in order to add a set of templatized parameters to coupons based on the selected offer type. Offer types, parameter templates for them and/or custom parametrization needs are defined in conjunction with Professional Services during the deployment project. Templates can be adjusted later if required.

Push Pull does not normally reuse offers already found in IGT Advantage for security reasons. Hence offer names must be globally unique. It is usually achieved by adding a datecode to the offer name through CampaignViz offer splitters.

Promo mapping

DB2DB Push Pull can create promos that are typically used to show essential marketing information on the very first screen of player data in IGT Advantage. Push Pull supports creating promos for campaigns, segments, and offers. The default setting is 1 promo per campaign.

Example: John Doe was included in “March 2051 Monthly Active Mailer” campaign in “2051-03 ADT 500+” segment and got “2051-03 Freebies $10 and stuff” offer. Depending on Push Pull settings, you might see either one “March 2051 Monthly Active Mailer” created for that campaign and appear on the player screen in IGT Advantage, or “2051-03 ADT 500+” Promo, or “2051-03 Freebies $10 and stuff” Promo.

Group mapping

Groups are created in IGT Advantage according to segment structure or offer structure. If group names are created uniquely in CampaignViz, Push Pull can create groups for segments 1:1. The second option creates one IGT group per CampaignViz offer and then assigns all the players who received that offer in that group.

Example: John Doe was included in “March 2051 Monthly Active Mailer” campaign in “2051-03 ADT 500+” segment and got “2051-03 Freebies $10 and stuff” offer. Depending on Push Pull settings, you might see either “2051-03 ADT 500+” group created in IGT Advantage, or “2051-03 Freebies $10 and stuff” group. In both cases John Doe will be included in the group created, and “2051-03 Freebies $10 and stuff” offer is associated with that group.

Push Pull does not normally reuse existing groups found in IGT Advantage for security reasons.

User tracking and audit

In order to easily identify all entities originating from CampaignViz in IGT Advantage, you will be asked to create a separate IGT Advantage user for VizExplorer. All coupons, transactions, groups, promos will appear as created by the chosen IGT Advantage user.

Example: VizPushPull user is created.

Liability and campaign approvals

The ultimate result of a Push Pull run is that liability associated with the promotional offers in a marketing campaign is created in the gaming system. VizExplorer makes every endeavor to present verifiable information about the liability created in the gaming system and enforce verification of this liability. This is what we do:

  • A marketing campaign is only implemented in IGT Advantage if approved. Only certain users of CampaignViz can approve a marketing campaign. CampaignViz has an optional two-stage approval capability.
  • Each Push Pull run, successful or unsuccessful, sends a report outlining the campaign structure, status, and liability created.
  • The customer is required to confirm in writing to VizExplorer Support a marketing campaign passed verification and “looks OK”.
  • Built-in checks stop campaign implementation immediately in suspicious cases, for example, an excessively valued offer, or if a group name overlaps with the existing group, or an offer being created becomes valid immediately.

It is though important to understand though that the burden of marketing campaign verification is with the customer.  Treat the campaign approval button as if it sends offers to players immediately over physical mail, which you cannot recall once the offers are sent. Push Pull cannot undo the campaign. If it is determined that the campaign implemented in IGT Advantage does not meet the expectations, the campaign needs to be adjusted or deleted from IGT Advantage manually. From experience, in most cases, the core issue is related to the way the campaign was created in CampaignViz and is connected with marketing process shortcomings on the customer side rather than the service or software VizExplorer provides. VizExplorer Professional Services can assist with mitigating process issues and work with the marketing department to prevent them from reoccurring.

Technical requirements

DB2DB Push Pull requires access to the existing IGT Advantage stored procedures in order to operate. Push Pull never writes to the underlying tables directly, therefore all built-in audit requirements and gaming system checks are executed as normal.

For security purposes, DB2DB Push Pull is designed as an intermediate system that sits between CampaignViz and IGT Advantage. Hence the name: Push Pull “pulls” approved campaigns from CampaignViz and “pushes” them to the gaming system. There is no “direct wire” between CampaignViz and IGT Advantage.


Push Pull is offered as a service rather than a product. Support for the service is included in CampaignViz support bill. Periodic software updates are also included. VizExplorer can apply customizations to the existing Push Pull functionality. Some of these would need a SoW.

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