Customer Support Agreement

1. Introduction

This document sets out the Comprehensive Customer Support Agreement available for customers of VizExplorer, including the levels of coverage, scope, process, priorities, and response times.

Support services include technical software support and maintenance, including issue troubleshooting and resolution, bug fixes, and access to minor patches for your VizExplorer software on the terms of this Customer Support Agreement, as well as your order form or agreement in respect of the VizExplorer software. Full software version upgrades and access to major releases are not included within the scope of VizExplorer support. Refer to the Scope of Support section in this document for more details.

Should you require further information, please contact your VizExplorer Customer Success Manager.


2. Support Plans

VizExplorer offers two support plans, depending on which VizExplorer products you have purchased, as well as the terms and conditions of the order form or agreement related to the VizExplorer software:


Please note that OPS Support is required for products that are real-time operational applications (e.g., floorVizOps, hostVizOps, and techVizOps).


3. Scope of Support

VizExplorer’s support plan is designed to provide technical support and maintenance services for the VizExplorer software, including logging, identification, troubleshooting, and resolution of issues that are within VizExplorer’s control. An “issue” is a technical problem in the accessibility or performance of a function or component of the VizExplorer software when an end-user is using the VizExplorer software in accordance with the current user documentation. 

Minor Patch Releases and Bug Fixes

The VizExplorer support plan includes incremental minor patch releases and bug fixes, but it does not include any major or full version upgrades/releases to the VizExplorer software.

A “minor patch release” is an incremental release that provides improvements or fixes to the software in response to items raised or reported by customers, or through VizExplorer's own quality assurance program.

A “bug fix” is an incremental change that specifically addresses one or more extremely high-priority issues for a customer or group of customers. Bug fixes are normally sent only to customers who have reported one of the issues being addressed the bug fix. Not all issue corrections can be delivered as bug fixes.

Other Services Covered in Scope of Support Services

In addition to the above, the VizExplorer support plan includes the following services, as applicable, on request by a customer, once per year of the applicable support services term. A customer’s right to request and receive any of the following services expires at the end of each year of the applicable support services term and does not accumulate if not used the customer during such year:


  • One (1) Casino Management System (“CMS”) or Operating System (“OS”) upgrade.
  • One (1) floorViz slot floor map reprocessing.
  • One (1) campaignViz fight zone map reprocessing.
  • One (1) supplemental Customer Success Training and Best Practices package:
    • Two (2) days of onsite training (six (6) hours per day) [per product] on basic and intermediate functionality for customer’s users to be held at the customer’s property on a schedule mutually agreed by customer and VizExplorer (Note: travel-related expenses for onsite visits will be billable pursuant to the terms of the customer’s applicable agreement).
    • Remote, web-based best practices sessions (number of sessions to be determined by VizExplorer at its sole discretion based on customer’s needs and applicable software products).

Contact your CSM one month in advance of any reprocessing or upgrade needs. 

Services Excluded from Scope of Support Services

Certain types of end-user issues and requests are not covered under the scope of VizExplorer’s support plan, as determined by VizExplorer at its reasonable discretion. VizExplorer’s support plan specifically excludes the following (without limitation):

  • Issues arising from the completeness or quality of the customer’s data.
  • Issues arising as a result of the improper or negligent use of the VizExplorer software.
  • Changes or modifications in the customer’s business rules or business process.
  • Changes to the VizExplorer software’s physical environment, including relocations of facilities.
  • Except as provided above, customer or third-party changes to customer’s systems of record, network systems, or infrastructure (hardware or software upgrades), including upgrades or new versions to such systems.
  • Customer network failure or server corruption.
  • Changes or enhancements to the VizExplorer software that would typically be addressed in the initial implementation of the software, such as modifications to business rules, set-up, or configuration.
  • Major/full version upgrades to the VizExplorer software.
  • Customer server or database migrations.
  • Data replication services.
  • Customer CMS conversion.

Major and full version upgrades to newer releases of the VizExplorer software are available to customers for an additional charge, as agreed between VizExplorer and such customer. VizExplorer supports active versions of the software up to 2 major versions back. For example, if the current version is version 8, then VizExplorer will support End Users on active versions 8, 7, and 6.

Note that VizExplorer will only support the most current version of the installed product. For example, if a customer determines to retain a prior version for historical reference following an upgrade to a newer version, VizExplorer will only support the newer version and will not provide support to the historical reference version.

VizExplorer will provide customers with 12-months advance written notice with the date of when it will consider a version as inactive. Once a VizExplorer software version is deemed to be inactive, VizExplorer will discontinue the support for the version and not provide any minor patch releases and bug fixes.

4. Overview of Support Structure


The three levels of support are:



5. Logging Support Requests

A support request is a single, reproducible problem, issue, or symptom relating to the VizExplorer software that requires assistance. Each support request should be logged in the vizLibrary using the contact method below:


6. Priority Classifications

 Each support request is assigned a priority based on the severity of the support request. The severity is determined by:

  • The software’s ability to perform the end user’s intended business function (when operated in accordance with applicable documentation)
  • The extent to which an issue is preventing the end-user from performing that function
  • The impact of not being able to perform that function on the end user’s business

VizExplorer support request priorities are as follows:


7. Response Times

Response times are set out in the following table. Response time is measured from the time you raise an issue with VizExplorer support to the time a VizExplorer Support Representative is assigned to the issue and acknowledges such assignment by initiating a return contact.


8. Resolution Times

Resolution times are set out in the following table. The resolution time target should be viewed as a medium target time for the resolution of issues (not requiring code changes) over a period. This means that often issues may be resolved faster than the target time.


9. Support Request Resolution

VizExplorer will work with the end user to resolve a support request as quickly as possible and remain in regular contact with the end user throughout the resolution process. In some instances, a support request may be resolved without the additional direct input of the end user.

Reasons that a support request can be resolved include:

  • The end user confirms that the support request is resolved or can be closed.
  • The issue is found not to be due to any error in the VizExplorer software application.
  • Information is provided to the end user on how to correctly use the VizExplorer software.
  • A workaround to achieve similar results is provided to and accepted by the end user.
  • The end user is informed that a version release that contains the required correction is scheduled.
  • The request is a feature enhancement/change request and has been prioritized accordingly or is otherwise unavailable to the end user, as determined by VizExplorer in its sole discretion.
  • The support request is identified as a third-party vendor problem and the end user agrees that the support request can be re-assigned to the third-party for resolution.
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